In this episode, I aim to introduce the history of Scotland as part of this exploration of the ‘ink with which history is written’. That is, I do not intend to write the story of Scotland.

Instead, my hope is to bring to the fore certain histories, certain stories, events, ideas, and people within the context of history in and of Scotland that have impacted the wider world that we live in.

Show notes

I have included Scotland and its particular histories within the wider scope of this History Ink podcast series because Scots have much to learn and interact with within the fluid prejudices of our histories, as indeed do many from far beyond Scotland.

These issues of Scotland will be thread through the podcast series, and will emerge from time to time — of interest in themselves, and often strongly connected with the other themes (in quite surprising ways).

My book on Scotland: There shall be an independent Scotland: British and Scottish nationalism after the 2014 #indyref

And my short book on King James VI and I’s anti-smoking pamphlet, a Counterblaste to tobacco, is titled ‘This Vile Habit’.



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